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I have been working in mental health since 2011. I have worked with a wide age range: 8 to 100, and have worked with many different diagnoses. During my time as a mental health provider I have worked in residential, outpatient, and inpatient settings. I enjoy reminding my patients that we all have strengths, and help discover ways to use those strengths to ones advantage in their coping and/or healing process. 

It is my experience that my clients know themselves better than anyone which makes them their own, and my, best resource when it comes to treatment. I see therapy as a joint venture where our knowledge and skills are combined to create solutions. A good therapeutic relationship includes trust, authenticity, and positive outcomes.

My full list of my specialities include:
• Depression

• Anxiety
• Coping Skills
• Life Transitions
• Grief and Loss
• Family Conflict
• Trauma
• Stress
• Self-Esteem
• Self-Harm
• Substance Use Disorders
• Mood Disorders

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