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  • Please check with your individual insurance provider to determine coverage.
  • Accepted providers listed below

Individual Therapy

  • It's all about you! We want to get to know who you are.
  • Your first Session Includes Initial Assessment

Relationship Therapy

  • It's all about your relationship and how to make it succeed.

We invite you to leave your perfectionism, worries and fears at the door. 

You will begin with our Initial Assessment where you’ll meet your highly trained therapist and begin discussing your story. We want to know who you are and how you came to be the amazing person you are today. This is where we get to meet the true you and listen to the deep emotions you might find hard to express at times.

Why the assessment before diving in? We want to know the real you – the you that was afraid to make an appointment but did it anyways. The you that wants to lie in bed all day bingeing on Netflix. The you that is too anxious to sit through class or allow yourself to be vulnerable in a relationship. 

We want to hear everything and help you move forward. Find a quiet space, sit down, and relax – we have your back. 

Accepted Insurance Providers

Yes it can! Therapy gives you a safe place to share about yourself and learn how to change old patterns of behavior or thought that no longer work for you.  You receive support, validation, coping skills and strategies to change your life. No lie, it takes some work and it can get uncomfortable and messy.  But, you are worth it.  

Here is what it can’t do.  Therapy cannot change other people or external circumstances. It cannot change the past or predict the future. Also, if you’re new to therapy, or are exploring unprocessed trauma, you may feel a bit worse before you feel better. Most people find that a little bit of uncomfortableness is a small price to pay to feel a lot better.  

Many people use their insurance to pay for therapy.  If you choose to use your insurance benefits, our billing staff will take care of billing your insurance directly. Depending on your insurance coverage, there may be out of pocket costs such as co-pays or co-insurance for which you will be responsible.   

Because insurance companies require a diagnosis for therapeutic services, some people opt to pay directly for services and not use insurance benefits. This is completely up to you.  

All sales are final. Because how do you return therapy? It really is the gift that keeps on giving. We accept:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • AnthemUnity/Quartz
  • Dean Health SSM
  • Medicaid
  • United Health Care
  • Medicare

*Please check with your insurance for confirmation of benefits.

When you schedule with 212° Psychotherapy, you are given a specific time and space to meet with your therapist. This is YOUR time that is being held specifically for YOU.  While we love seeing you, we understand that sometimes things come up. Therefore, if you need to cancel your appointment, we kindly ask that you notify your therapist at least 24 hours in advance.  

Why? Missed sessions and wasted time is a drag for everyone. If we know in advance, we can plan for our day and use our time more efficiently. Who knows? Maybe your therapist is working on a formula to cure Covid and if she/he knows in advance that you won’t be able to make the appointment, can use that time to finish the formula. (What? It could happen.)   

All of that to say that

a.) Our therapists are multi-talented;

b.) We love meeting with you

c.) if you miss your appointment and do not notify us within 24 hours, we reserve the right to bill you directly for that missed session.  

Your insurance will not pay for the missed session fee and you will be personally responsible for that amount. Thank you for your understanding. 

Our therapists are highly trained, empathic, lovely individuals who use their innate talents and skills to create a connection with you right from the start.

However, the most important factor is that you feel comfortable with them.  Some people “just know” when they meet their therapist. Other people want to have a short chat before scheduling an appointment.  

Feel free to read our therapist bio’s and see what resonates with you!

Therapy sessions are generally one hour long and happen on a weekly or biweekly basis. However, our therapists are sometimes able to extend flexibility with scheduling and see you either more frequently or infrequently depending on your specific situation and goals.

At this time all our sessions are conducted virtually via telehealth. There are many benefits to this! Telehealth allows for increased flexibility in scheduling and takes away the need to allot for driving time or coordinating care for kids, pets, or other obligations. Many of our clients find that telehealth is very similar to in-person therapy and just as effective.

Telehealth therapy is very similar to in-person therapy. You will meet face-to-face with your therapist and confidentially discuss any concerns or issues you are having; the only difference is it will be over a computer screen! Telehealth allows for increased scheduling flexibility and saves our clients time. While it may be intimidating at first, telehealth is just as effective as in-person therapy and offers a safe and confidential space for you to speak freely. 

When meeting with your therapist for the first time, you will spend the initial session discussing your background, main concerns, and goals for therapy. Your therapist will take notes and work with you to determine an appropriate plan of action. Then, you’ll be given the opportunity to ask your therapist any questions and determine if you’d like to make a next appointment. There is no pressure to make a next appointment – this is all about finding the right fit for you!